AST Dental Lab     

   " Creating smiles since 1983"

       At AST Dental Lab we have been "creating smiles" since 1983. Our motto is "any job worth doing is worth doing right." The statement speaks directly to the pride we take in our workmanship and service. All work is done locally with American products and American pride. 

    Turnaround times have always been an issue of great concern and we believe that our turnaround times are as good or better than our competition's. We also realize that every practice occasionally incurs situations where a shorter turnaround is necessary. We are committed to meet these demands and still deliver a superior product.

     Once you have become an established client your personal preferences will be kept on file, I.E., straight line or butterfly post palatal seal, thin, standard or thick acrylic, heavy or no anatomy, stippling or not, etc.  Periodically you will be presented with a Q. C. C.  card ( quality critique card ) but this service is also available to you on our website at anytime. This tool has been developed for you to inform us how we can better serve you.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have, don't hesitate to call us at anytime (330) 272-9411.

Thank you for your time and best regards.


Albert S. Tabus Jr.

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